7 Best Herbs To Boost Immunity With Changing Season

2022-06-18 23:50:57 By : Ms. Tiffany Zhou

Herbs increase the bodys resistance to ward off infections; image credit: iStock

The changing season often brings along certain health problems. People with low immunity tend to fall prey to the changes brought about by the change in weather. Cough, cold, fever, allergies, and infections are some things that are quite common when seasons change. To counter the ill effects of seasonal change, one needs to boost one's immune system. Eating healthy, regular exercising, proper sleep are just some of the ways to boost one's immunity. A diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs is one sure way to strengthen your immunity. Ayurveda has always promoted herbs as great immunity boosters, as herbs help actively counter micro-organisms that cause viruses, bacteria, worms, and bugs in the system.  

Some herbs worth mentioning here would be: 

This common herb is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that keep free radicals at bay. Most people think that mint is only a remedy for digestive problems and that eating it or drinking its extract reduces abdominal pain and treats irritable bowel syndrome. But mint has more medicinal applications than can be seen on the surface. It can help kill bacteria, reduce stress, and fight cancerous tumor cells and is a great breath mouth freshener as well.  

Consume it raw or in cooked form, garlic helps protect you and keeps your immune system healthy. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties. Eaten daily but in limited quantity, it helps your body to fight against the wreck caused by the changing seasons.  

Known as a blood purifier, this herb is great for aiding digestion and fighting disease-causing bacteria. It is packed with antioxidant content, releases toxins from our body, and is very beneficial for diabetics too. Giloy is a great stress and anxiety buster. Its anti-arthritic properties help in treating joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Worshipped in most Indian households, this tiny herb is also known as holy basil. Its very presence spreads positivity and good vibes wherever it is. Famous for its therapeutic properties, it is used widely in Indian homes as a medicinal herb for treating several diseases and is a great immunity booster. Most of the seasonal change-related symptoms can be cured using tulsi. An all-rounder for your health, it fights cold, cough, and fever, reduces stress, and is healthy for the heart as well. Besides, it has a long list of health benefits.  

An amazing herb famous from ancient times, it works on both body and mind. Weather change affects different people differently- just the thought of change creates stress in the mind of many. Ashwagandha or what is also called adaptogen helps in managing stress in the body. Considered a general health tonic, it has various health benefits like improved blood sugar levels, reduced inflammation, anxiety, and greater muscle strength.  

The famous Indian Gooseberry is used to treat everything from diarrhea to jaundice and several common diseases caused due to seasonal change. The alkaline nature and high fiber content of this herb is an excellent cure for constipation, sore throat, cold, hyperacidity and stomach ulcer, and diabetes.  

Not many people are aware of this herb, but it can ward off many health complications- in fact during the pandemic it became so famous that it was considered the go-to herb for immunity strengthening. To build a strong immune system, our body needs Vitamin C, and moringa is overloaded with Vitamin C. Not only that, it has other vital nutrients that help you strengthen your body cells, and muscles and heal them too.  

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Eat healthily and stay fit- this is the best cure for all infections, and the mantra to increasing your immunity. Adding the richness of different herbs to your daily diet will build your wellness quotient.  

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