Best Innistrad: Crimson Pledge Limited Prototype-Dot Esports

2021-11-25 06:11:31 By : Mr. JOE JIANG

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Look out for prototypes that can challenge vampires and Lifegain.

With the release of Innistrad: The Scarlet Oath (VOW), Limited Magic: The Gathering metadata began to take shape. 

VOW Limited metadata is a blockbuster, showing many rare and mythical rare cards that can pull players into specific prototypes. The color rankings are black, red and white as the strongest, followed by blue and green. The existence of the board of directors is essential, otherwise you are likely to be crushed by your opponents. And looking for a green mana fool, who can mine creatures of any color mana, and can open up the opportunity to run three colors in the VOW restricted format. 

There are four prototypes that stand out from the other 10: red/black, white/black, black/green, and blue/red. Followed by green and red, green allows the player to splash the bomb with a third color. When the stars are aligned, blue/white spirits will pop.

Below are the four best MTG Limited prototypes in descending order after VOW was released.

The ancient Lumberknot is an uncommon road sign prototype for BG, but don't mistake it for building around treants. Green has two pure mana idiots: the flower weaver and the reclusive taxidermist. It makes sense to grab Evolving Wilds or VOW Rare Dual land and run three colors. 

In addition to creatures with greater resilience than strength, cards such as trainee sharpshooters and invisible students can provide pressure through the oath training mechanism. Green also has the best terminator, from the thorn drake to the thriving hunter. Dormant Grove can strengthen creatures with 1/1 counters, and can also transform into Gnarled Grovestrider to provide vigilance to all creatures on the battlefield. 

Spore creepers can provide card advantages, and poisonous scorpions can defend early in the game, and they can also put pressure on your opponent by giving another creature you control death touch until the end of the turn. 

Use pure black to remove spells such as Bleeding Dryness, Parasitic Grip, and Hero's Downfall. Serben Ghoul can provide card advantages, and catapult feed is a good combination, but it is usually not used and used in combination with creatures with greater resilience than strength. Blood Fountain is a good late-stage choice. It can provide a blood token, and it can also return two creatures from your graveyard and sacrifice artifacts at the cost of 3B.  

With most drafters chasing red, white and black, blue has been open for the first few weeks of the VOW limited draft. The Low Grammarist is a simple first choice in UR. For every non-biological spell cast, a 1/1 flying marker is drawn every round. The other two common and uncommon bombs are cruel witnesses and wandering minds

Syncopate is the best counter-spell to grab multiple copies. Witness the Future can shuffle spells back into your library, and Thirst for Discovery is a great way to keep your hand full while getting rid of the cards you don't need. Red has a lot of cheap removal spells, such as Abrasion, Rendering Fire, and Fire Blessing Arrow. 

Voldaren Epicure is a reliable late-stage option, inflicting damage to your opponent while also creating a blood mark. Vampires can also act as a victim of cards like Repository Skaab, which return instant or magic spells to your hand through mechanical loopholes.

Naughty cats and ghosts can draw a few cards, and the Celestial Armor is a tough airman with a toughness of 5 and can block most creatures. If you can pick up creatures such as Stitched Assistant, Repository Skaab, and Dever Skaab, then Biolume Egg is a good choice.  

The vampire has taken over the limited VOW metadata. The blood token is a mechanical bomb that prevents players from flooding the land while looking for ideal cards to end their opponents. Bloodtithe Harvester, the Thraben Ghoul, the gluttonous guest, and the wedding security are all reliable cards that can pull you into RB. 

Hatred cards such as Blood Petal Celebrant and Ragged Recluse can hit opponents to cause early damage. Bloodcrazed Socialite and Falkenrath Celebrants both use Menace as the post-term terminator, and also synergize with the Blood token theme. Wedding invitations are also a reliable two-drop, which increases the card advantage while providing life gains for vampires when needed. 

Both red and black have a bunch of removal spells, allowing you to build around your own curve with cards such as bleeding and drying, rendering flames, hero's fall, vampire's revenge, and flame blessing arrows. The gift of Fang and Edgar's Awakening are a great one-time gift together. One trick to playing RB is to observe your curve and keep it between Aggro and Midrange.   

BW is probably one of the best VOW Limited prototypes. Lifegain is always a powerful tool in restricted games. Both colors are filled with creatures that can stack your life points while also putting pressure on your opponents. 

Similar to RB, Glutonous Guest can provide early protection while also producing blood tokens. When you crack one of the tokens, the gluttonous guest will add a health value to you. The Markov purifier is a sturdy and rare object that can be provided with the draw card together with the Minister of Travel. 

When a creature under your control dies and can become 3/5, panicking bystanders will increase your life. Kindly Ancestory has Disturb, and it can continue to run even if the Lifelink train is removed from the battlefield. Dawnhart Geist is a reliable late-stage choice. When you cast an enchantment with interference from one of your creatures, it can add extra life, and the messenger bat is a kind of dodge creature that can take you from you when it gains life. Brought back a creature from his graveyard.

Be sure to splash white and black to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed by decks such as RB, GR, and BG. Circle of Confinement is a cheap enchantment that can exile a target creature with a mana equal to or less than 3, and can get extra rewards against RB decks, as long as the opponent casts a vampire with the same name as the exiled vampire card. Will get life. Bleed Dry and Hero's Downfall are two reliable VOW Black removal options, as well as Parasitic Grip.